How do I create a booking?

Click on “Create A Booking”

Fill in the job details, select the date using the calendar (or ensure you use the DD/MM/YYYY format), Type in the address, the map will automatically locate the address so you can check if it looks correct, then click “Create Booking”

Now your booking will show on the calendar.

How do I send the invoice to a client?

After you have created a booking through Booking&Billing, open up your Xero account. Go to Accounts, Sales, Draft Invoices.

Click on the link for the invoice you would like to send, check the details are correct. Click Approve. And now click Email, check and edit the message if you wish and press send.

How do I edit a booking?

To edit a booking, find your booking either through:

View Calendar – and click on the booking, then edit.

List Bookings – click on edit.

Search Bookings – enter the name or part of the name of the company and search.

Once you have located it, click into it, then click edit – and here you can edit the details and click Update Booking

How do I delete a booking?

To delete a booking, click on List Bookings, locate your booking you would like to delete and use the delete button on the right hand side.

When I edit a booking, does it edit the invoice?

No, editing a booking in Booking&Billing won’t update the invoice in Xero. You will need to edit the invoice manually  in Xero yourself by going opening up the invoice and clicking on Invoice Options > Edit.

How do I return to the home page

You can click on the Booking&Billing logo or menu to return to the homepage.

How do I create a new user?

Only a login with organisation-admin rights can create new users. Under the Users section click on +New, enter in the user’s details and save. They will receive a confirmation email in a few minutes to confirm the account.

What is “Update Contact Info?”

This creates a contact or updates an existing contact in your Xero account when ticked.

What is the Back up email for?

The backup email is where emails of bookings made are sent so that they can be easily accessed should the service become unavailable. You will need to create a backup email account if you don’t already have one.

What is “Use Base Address”?

This will automatically use the address of your organisation’s base address. This is set in your organisation admin > list > edit. Only users with organisation-admin permission can change this.

What are the different permission levels?

User: Can only make and edit bookings

Organisation Admin: Can also add users

Why does it ask me to log into my Xero account?

This is to link the Booking&Billing application to your Xero account, so that when you create bookings, it will automatically send the invoice to your Xero.

Can I use Booking&Billing on my phone?

Yes, the Booking&Billing app is mobile responsive. Go to

What do I do if I need help?

If you can’t find the answer to your query in this FAQ section, then please contact us by emailing and someone from our team will get back to you as soon as possible.